Why Broker a Loan To Rose Financial?

We Make and Service ALL Loans In-house
  1. We are a true portfolio lender
  2. No investor, warehouse or secondary market approvals needed.
Income, Credit or Property Condition Exceptions
  1. Income Exceptions – Sometimes proving income can be difficult, in which case, we may use the underwriting principle of “reasonable belief”.
  2. Credit Report Exceptions – Borrower doesn’t want to pay off the collection account, or had a major recent blemish that he or she can explain.
  3. Property Condition Exception – Borrower needs a fund controlled account set up to finish the kitchen or bathroom remodel.
FREE Escrow for Refinance Loans
  1. FREE in-house escrow (low-cost escrow on purchase loans)
  2. We get demands, releases, and do all of the title work for you
  3. We fund from our office
  4. Expedited loan process
RESPA, TILA and TRID Compliance
  1. We create your Loan Disclosure Package
  2. We manage the TRID calendar, LE, CD and Closing compliance
  3. We manage Section 32 and 35 compliance
  4. We manage CA Section 32 and HPML compliance
Fast Service
  1. Underwriting completed within 3-business days (exception files may take longer)
  2. TRID calendar dates monitored by lender, not Broker. You will not need to ask us to send out your LE or CD!
  3. Loan docs reviewed the next business day
  4. Unrestricted in-house funding (we do NOT need approval from investors, warehouse line or secondary market/post-closing lender)
Professional and Experienced
  1. Rose Financial founded 1948
  2. Rose Financial received the first Consumer Finance Lender Law license (CFLL) in the state of California: 603-0001
  3. Rose Financial MADE IT through the Great Recession after originating millions in portfolio loans during the greatest real estate bubble in US history
We Highly Value Our Brokers
  1. Brokers perform a tremendous service to consumers needing real estate financing.
  2. Brokers are undervalued in the real estate industry.
  3. Brokers are the victims of a hostile regulatory environment.
  4. Most brokers are honest, hard-working people whose reputations have been inordinately injured by the Great Recession and a few bad apples.