How To Submit A Loan?

Submitting a loan to Rose Financial is simple.
  1. If you’re not a registered Broker, take a moment and register:
    1. Go back to the Home Page, or to
    2. Select “Brokers”
    3. Scroll down to the bottom half of page, find NEW USER?, then select “Register Here”
    4. Complete the CREATE AN ACCOUNT page, then select REGISTER
    5. Your account will be approved shortly thereafter and you will receive an email notification
    6. Go back to “Brokers”, log into your account

  2. A minimum submission requires the following uploads:
    1. FNMA 3.2
      1. Must be completed!
      2. MLO and Broker info must be complete
      3. The HMDA addendum must be complete (see “addendum” on your loan application. This is a legal requirement as of 1/1/18)
      4. Give us the clients email address please!
    2. Broker’s credit report run within the 60-days of your submission

  3. More is Better! Give us everything you can, including:
    1. Borrower LOE advising us of the purpose of the loan
    2. Income documentation – you know the drill!
    3. Homeowner’s Insurance Declarations page
    4. Most recent Mortgage Statement – loan loans please
    5. LOE Statements for derogatory credit or unusual features

  4. You’ll have a written Approval, Decline or Suspense within two business days!